Founded in August 14, 2014, Faculty of Applied Sciences is the 16th faculty of Ankara University: The first university of the Republic of Turkey. Utilizing the knowledge on “real estate, land development, insurance, actuary, transportation and international commerce” gathered from decades of scientific studies done in Ankara University, Faculty of Applied Sciences aims to graduate focused, qualified individuals that meet industrial, national and global needs in real estate segment.



Our faculty offers 3 courses with 6 departments:2

Real Estate Development and Management

  • Department of Real Estate and Property Ecomony and Valuation
  • Department of Land Development and Project Management

Insurance and Actuary Sciences

  • Department of Insurance and Risk Management
  • Department of Actuary Sciences

Transportation and Logistics

  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of International Commerce and Logistics

Undergraduate education in our Faculty are offered in a total of four years (eight semesters), mainly with emphasis on interdisciplinary study and application in new business areas. In the undergraduate programs, besides the theoretical training, at least 7 weeks of on-the-job training and internship work will be provided at the end of the second and third grade and project implementation and presentation skills will be developed. Scientific branches and research groups have been established within the divisions of the departments and participation of undergraduate and graduate students in the project studies carried out in each group is compulsory.

Starting third year in education this fall (2018-2019) with its experienced staff, our faculty is prepared to equip you with extensive knowledge and provide you with great opportunities.