Our Mission

The mission of the faculty is protecting the traditional scientific values and reflexes, complying with the rapidly changing circumstances of the academic world and competitive academic environment, making the academic world and competitive academic environment, making academic reforms rationally as well as to be a pioneer on international level and transforming both its region and the world.

Our Vision

The Faculty of Applied Sciences aims to educate qualified labor force endowed with modern knowledge considering the economic progress in Turkey and the world.  Our students are supposed to graduate as inquisitive and questioner, competitive individuals as well as endowed with team spirit; who have qualifications like  vision and sense of social responsibility, comprehending progress in our country as well as in the world, implementing scientific innovation, respecting human rights, forming strong connections, adopting ethical value; under favour of theoretical / applied education, compulsory summer training and other scientific, social, cultural and sportive activities. In accordance with the vision of the University  including the aim of being an international reference point providing emergence  and  transmission of specific knowledge, being a pioneer as an  innovator and advisor on research and education with respect to the principle of being sensitive for requirements of all stakeholders within  participating and liberal organisational culture respecting for diversity.