It was announced that the World Facility Management Day, announced annually by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), would be held on May 15th in 2019. Real Estate Development and Management Student Club of Our Faculty has joined the celebration with a visit to Elif Uz, Deputy General Manager of Construction at RoT Ministry of Environment and Urbanism. It was dwelled on many topics on real estate, construction and facility management starting with the project which is about to be signed between the Ministry and the World Bank and aiming to improve public buildings in terms of energy efficiency and inadequacies in legislation in terms of facility management in public real estates in the visit. RoT Ministry of Environment and Urbanism General Directorate of Construction Head of Project Department Serpil Ahu Demiralp, Lecturer in Department of Real Estate Development and Management Emir Sunguroğlu, student representative Burak Kaya, Head of Real Estate Development and Management Student Club Anıl Ünlü and club member students have participated in the visit.

There are earthquake resistance, having energy identity cards and not having had a restoration or repair in the last 3 years as building selection criteria for the project. In addition, criteria can be determined according to the number of applications. The total energy savings woud be measured when the targeted modifications and improvements are made in the project. It has been stated that the studies on legislation is in progress regarding unachievement of expected outcome, detecting the mentioned buildings and holding the managers responsible by RoT Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

Mrs. Uz said that due to the absence of any sanctions even in the case where facility management is left to the private sector, there is a negative trend in service quality and financial management. Mrs. Uz stated that this situation could cause public loss and expressed her concerns about how to ensure the management of the public built and to be built. While the education and expertise of Department of Real Estate Development and Management on facility management was mentioned to Mrs. Uz by the students, brainstorming was done regarding future collaborations.