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Real estate development expertise is seen as a rapidly developing new field of study and profession. Real Estate Development and Management Undergraduate Program gives students an opportunity to improve themselves and also to build a substantial career in wide range of study areas such as; real estate asset valuation, real estate investment and finance, land acquisition, expropriation, consolidation, land development and land readjustment, real estate taxation, contract law and information systems. The program encourages participants to acquire the ability to examine and develop strategies on real estate from different perspectives; such as owners, investors, financiers, operators, planners and users.

The priorities of the department’s education and main research topics can be listed as follows:

  • Real estate valuation (appraisal) techniques and practices,sustainable-real-estate-development
  • Business and asset valuation,
  • Valuation of historical and cultural assets,
  • Real estate project development and project appraisal,
  • Real Estate project management and auditing,
  • Real estate principles and investment analysis,
  • Real estate investment and financing,
  • Housing financing and securitization,
  • Real estate marketing and marketing management,
  • Real estate marketing, investment and sales consulting,
  • Real estate information systems and production of value maps,
  • Zoning applications (value-based land regulation), land and housing policies,
  • Real estate, zoning, construction and contract law and practices,
  • Land economy, management and policies,
  • Land use planning,
  • Regional development, basin systems design and management,
  • Management of protected areas and conservation policies,
  • Privatization of public enterprises and public real estate management,
  • Land acquisition for investment projects, expropriation and resettlement policies and practices,
  • Real estate management and professional management for real estate markets,
  • Credit rating studies,
  • Real Estate Taxation and investigation of economic and financial crimes
  • Risk management and real estate and construction insurance studies.


Ankara University has opened the bachelor’s degree program to share its know-how on real estate development with the professionals and experts working in the real estate sector and to strengthen research and human resources capacity in real estate development. The undergraduate program aims to train industry leaders and researchers who have received comprehensive and versatile education and have chosen the real estate sciences as their specialty.

Those who are trained in the Real Estate Development and Management undergraduate program at the University of Ankara give themselves time to understand the real estate sector and career planning in public and private sectors. The undergraduate program also allows students to gain experience in detail through understanding real estate, developing in-depth expertise, project work, and summer term internships. The link between theory and industry experience is the prime priority of programs. Students work together with academic staff on case studies and projects in the real world to try to reach solutions based on sound and sensible real estate principles. Working as a trainee in a scholarship project during the vacation, students will have the opportunity to integrate their learning with real world experience and learn from sector professionals.