Real Estate Development and Management who graduated from the Undergraduate Program has equivalence with the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences graduates. Besides, undergraduate and graduate program graduates will be able to set their own offices with Licensed Appraiser, Residential Appraiser, Asset Appraiser, Credit Rating Specialist titles in private sector and start development business. In addition to setting up real estate investment adviser and consultancy offices, solid basis is being built for graduates to take active roles in all stages of public and private institutions real estate and construction works, career development and administration. Offered degree program focuses on training leaders in the public and private sectors.


Programmes of our Department have been accredited by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), head organisation for trade body, education and accreditation on global real estate and construction fields, centered in London, thus enabling our graduates to work and be employed in 180 countries without extra qualifications. Also our graduates’ duties and permissions are defined distinctively in legal acts on fields such as expropriation, expertness, zoning and taxation, particularly the housing financing system (mortgage).

The Real Estate Development and Management Division also represents the real estate industry of the world and is the Academic Member of the Real Estate Federation of Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), which has the Special Consulting Status of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (Economic and Social Council of the United Nations – ECOSOC).

The Faculty of Applied Sciences has education, research and application cooperation agreements with General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, General Directorate of National Property, Union of Municipalities of Turkey, the Public Enterprises, Turkey Appraisers Association, banks and other institutions. In addition, cooperation, student exchange and implementation agreements were made with the University of Regensburg, Germany, Property Management Department and the Technical University of Dresden and the Royal Agricultural University in England Real Estate and Land Management Department. Currently, intensive studies are ongoing on student exchange and internship program development and undergraduate and graduate curriculum partnerships with three new university in European countries.