Graduates of the Department of Real Estate Development and Management have a wide range of employment, jobs and career development opportunities in public and private institutions. Graduates of departmental undergraduate and graduate programs have the opportunity to establish and develop business in the private sector directly with titles such as Licensed Appraisal Specialist, Home Appraisal Specialist, Asset Appraisal Specialist, Credit Rating Expert and Real Estate and Asset Management Specialist. In addition to establishing appraisal and real estate management businesses, our graduates have the opportunity to establish real estate investment consultancy and advisory offices; to pursue careers, work as supervisors or auditing experts, and assume managerial positions in private institutions such as banks, real estate investment trusts and mutual funds as well as in departments such as real estate, construction, expropriation, urbanization and financial services of all public institutions. One of the key priorities of undergraduate and graduate programs is to develop knowledge and skills for graduates of the program to undertake teamwork and leadership roles in addition to problem solving in all areas of the public and private sector. On the other hand, it should be emphasized that graduates of the Real Estate Development and Management Department Undergraduate Program have equivalency with the graduates of Faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences and that they have extensive employment opportunities in public institutions as well as the private sector.


The Department of Real Estate Development and Management has become a member of the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), the world’s premier organization for real estate and asset valuation standards, and is able to quickly transfer developments in the world of valuation to the country and integrate them into educational programs and research activities. With the elimination of the equivalence problems of the department’s training programs and the fact that they are accredited for internationalization by the RICS, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the world’s top vocational, educational and accrediting institution in the field of real estate and asset valuation, environmental and construction management, our graduates are able to find jobs and work in 180 countries around the world without any other competency condition. Cooperation and accreditation negotiations have started with the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) for the international competence and acceptability of the programs in facility, resource and land management and with the Association for Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) for international accreditation of business management. The Real Estate Development and Management Department has been an academic support organization of the International Ethics Standards (IES) Coalition and a member of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI). The Department tends to maintain strong cooperation with all national and international organizations operating in the field and strengthening international accreditations and aims to maximize professionalism by encouraging our graduates to directly join international professional organizations.

There is a requirement to specifically define the duties and powers of our graduates in Turkish legal regulations relating to areas such as particularly the housing financing system (mortgage), expropriation, expert witnessing, zoning/development, taxation, and money and capital markets. The Expert Witnessing Law No. 6754 brings about the obligation that our graduates to be appointed as experts in all judicial and administrative cases concerning valuation, development, management, use, and tenure of real estate and assets. Similar arrangements should also be made in all the related regulations, especially those concerning title deed, cadastre, zoning, tax, enforced seizure and bankruptcy. It should be noted that in the Hundred Days Action Plan of the Turkish Presidential Government announced on August 3, 2018, “the establishment of an real estate valuation system” and many restructuring priorities related to real estate were identified and announced.

The Real Estate Development and Management Department has concluded cooperation agreements on education, research and implementation with various public and private institutions including the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Ministry for Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, General Directorate of National Real Estate, General Directorate of the Provincial Bank Inc., Privatization Administration, Directorate General of Electricity Generation Incorporated, Directorate General of Petroleum Pipeline Corporation, General Directorate of the Turkish Coal Enterprises, Union of Municipalities of Turkey, Municipalities, Ziraat Bank, Vakıflar Bank, Halk Bank, Other Financial Institutions, Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trusts Association, Directorates of Organized Industrial Parks, and other public and private institutions.

In addition, cooperation, student exchange, and practice agreements are in place between the Department of Real Estate Development and Management and University of Regensburg, Real Estate Management Department and Technical University of Dresden, Real Estate Management Department, Dresden Leibniz Institute, Leibniz University Hannover Real Estate Management Department in Germany as well as the Royal Agricultural University, School of Real Estate and Land Management in the UK and the University of Finance Real Estate Department in the Russian Federation. Currently, intensive activities on student exchange and internship program development and undergraduate and graduate curriculum partnerships with three new European universities are making progress.

It is observed that international standards are rapidly being developed in areas such as real estate, assets, business and real estate asset valuation, accounting (or financial reporting), real estate measurement and management. All the standards referred to are integrated in the undergraduate and graduate education programs of the Department and at the same time, The Department has become an academic member of the IVSC and established cooperation with professional associations such as the FIABCI and TEGOVA. Beyond these, thanks to the completion of the RICS accreditation of the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs of the Department, graduates are allowed to have a formation enabling them to be employed abroad and at international institutions beyond the national level. In addition to the IVSC and RICS standards, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB/IFRS) Standards, the International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS),
and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Standards are added to the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Department to ensure the highest level of professionalism of our graduates is maintained. By year of 2019, The Department has become a member of European Facility Management Network (EuroFM). Cooperation and accreditation negotiations with the IFMA and AACSB are still underway and attention is paid to integrate rapidly developing new information, standards and applications into the Department’s undergraduate and graduate programs every year.

Department Head