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Transportation and logistics systems are vital for the efficient functioning of socio-economic activities of modern society. The organization and structure of global supply chains is heavily dependent on the efficient operation of transport and logistics systems. In this context, transport and logistics are basically defined as a field that covers issues related to source-material flow and storage. Its scope also includes planning and execution of inventory flow, processes from production to consumption and managing these processes according to the consumer’s needs highly.

1With the advances in information and communication technologies, it has become possible to collect, transmit and process large data providing worldwide tracking, monitoring and management of transport and logistics goods. For this reason, analysis of large data with modeling and inference systems provides great opportunities for better understanding and management of transport and logistics systems.

Logistics and international trade, procurement, material management, inventory control, storage, transportation and distribution activities. By integrating the flow of logistics, materials and goods from procurement of raw materials to delivery of final products to customers; Effective and efficient supply chain management.

The aim of transportation and logistics education is to discover new approaches and key concepts for designing and analyzing transportation and logistics systems. In addition to the basic concepts of passenger and freight transport, local and global logistics, E-commerce, transportation systems modeling, environmental issues related to transportation and logistics. There are two main branches connected to the division:

  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of International Trade and Logistics

Departmental graduates have the opportunity to work in logistics and transportation companies which have increased in number in recent years, in companies specializing in export and import, in international trade services in public and private sector, in sectors related to distribution, warehousing and customs services, logistics consultancy firms and universities.

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